Being willingly uncomfortableDoes being willingly uncomfortable sound right outside your comfort zone?

I understand your dilemma.

I too have been there, and I continue to find myself in uncomfortable situations.

Situations that send out cold prickly sensations.

Do you get a sick feeling when you are somewhat at a loss for what to do because you’ve never done something before?

This is the feeling of going from conscious competence to unconscious competence.

As you learn new activities, tasks etc. there is always a risk of becoming saturated with the overwhelming number of things you need to do.

How do you avoid this?

Create checklists and visual reminders to get you through the process of learning, and speed you to unconscious competence.

My most recent experience being willingly uncomfortable has involved migrating my blog.

I anticipated issues and even broke the task down over several days.

Bear in mind this task has been several months in the planning.

Success is a work in progress.

I can celebrate now though because my site is now looking more personalised, and less generic as I intended.

The overwhelming rush of elation that results when you overcome challenges is addictive, and I have more plans for change this summer.

It’s a no brainer though that you need to be uncomfortable to be creative, think laterally to create solutions that resolve discordant situations.

While comfort is satisfying it can also leave you feeling sluggish, unstimulated and lacking motivation.

SO if you want to progress and grow then discomfort is your friend.

Try taking stock of things in your life, and highlight the things that make you feel the most uncomfortable.

These matters will be your greatest opportunities for growth and transformation.

Resist them at your own peril.

Embrace them and move towards resolving them to find your creative self come to the fore.

Change is never an easy thing.

But turning away from change only brings more stress, wanting to quit, and adds suffering to the mix.

A terrible combo if you ask me.

Being willingly uncomfortable is about realising that you know the importance of what you are doing.

Taking risks are never easy and when the stakes are high our very human need to minimise the chance of losing face can get in the way of growing.

How to embrace being willingly uncomfortable: 6  simple tips

Express fears

You like everyone else has have underlying fears, and these are a source of resistance.

Be kind to yourself.  There’s nothing wrong with admitting to being scared.

Facing the demons is a way forward from their paralysing grip.

Embrace accountability

Gather a network of friends, mentors or coaches that will support and hold you accountable.

This is especially useful when you find yourself in unknown territory.

Stepping out of your comfort zone always creates inevitable tension.

Allowing trusted advisors to coach you towards your goals and discover your answers is a powerful problem solving tool.

Remember to celebrate wins

Recognising progress is often a case of not seeing the woods for the trees.

So step back and acknowledge where you have been and where you are now.

The contrast can be a shock to the system.

And cause for congratulations.

Dive in

Being willingly uncomfortable is a whole body process.

You never want to do it by increments.

Your personal resistance will just make it exhausting.

So dive in, you’ll find yourself growing and changing more rapidly too.

Create a record

Write it in a journal, blog about it, make videos or audios about the process.

If you can share it, then do so.

The clarity of making a record of what transforms you can be an inspiring to others, and if only for you then proof of your ability to make your vision a reality.

Quiet time

Whenever I am in a process of change it helps to find time to just be quiet.

You might want to meditate.

A quiet walk might be your cup of tea, along the beach or in a park, wherever you feel your best.

The point is to take yourself away from day to day distractions to clear the mind.

And refresh yourself for meeting your challenges with vigour.

I hope these simple suggestions help you to embrace being willingly uncomfortable.

Leaning into your fear is a transformative process that while obviously uncomfortable can be a beautiful and life affirming experience.

Despite the discomfort I can recommend the challenge of being intentionally uncomfortable.

There will be times you feel confused and unsure of what to do.

You will fail too.

The key is to stay the course and keep on trying.

Don’t quit and you will succeed by your willingness to continue in the face of obstacles.

This is the path to greatness.

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