Tweeting & Making Sense of Twitter

Making sense of Twitter?

Are you thinking why Tweeting?

Are you saying not yet?

Perhaps you don’t quite feel ready.

I’ve been Tweeting just over a year now and Twitter is proving a great social media platform to drive traffic and grow interest in my online brand.

Ignore the ridiculous media speculation about what Jack Dorsey is doing to the executive team unless you happen to be a shareholder and need to be abreast of what the stock price is doing!

Focus instead on what you can do there.

The short story is you will get the opportunity to converse with everyone you could ever hope to engage with in your niche.

You will also discover a weird and wonderful world of digital media where anyone with something to say in 140 characters or less will be Tweeting (a kind of micro-blogging format) to their followers and anyone that cares to listen.

And it’s this that makes it really interesting.

As you build your online business and brand you discover who the movers and shakers are in your field.

There are also simply many fascinating and hilarious folk out there.

Sure there are the bottom feeders aka trolls too.

My surest piece of advice: ignore the assholes they’re not worth your time or thought.

They live for controversy and attention.

Plus life is too beautiful to waste on ugly stuff.

Engaging with leaders and influencers in your field is the best part about Twitter in my humble opinion.

Keep in mind you’ll need to develop a knowledge of who’s who in the field.

Make sure you’re playing in the same space.

Then follow them.

Unfollow people if you find them not to your taste, perhaps not quite your cup of tea/coffee.

Follow people that are also just of interest to you; persons that you may have found when reading other online articles or blogs.

Keep in mind you want to cultivate friendships and a broad minded perspective.

So be friendly and helpful where you can. By this I mean share information or answer questions when you can.

Also be interested, it helps!

Being interested can mean you liking Tweets/posts or retweeting things you have enjoyed.

Add your insight or response where appropriate.

If you are wondering how Tweets can be such a cause for interest, it’s because they are a gateway to other information via links posted in Tweets.

This is where the fun begins.

As you read, click, follow, read some more, then comment or retweet you can find yourself going down a rabbit hole where time stands still as with all other platforms.

So you might lose a bit of real world for cyber, but the engagement and interest here is somewhat more enjoyable than scrolling through a Facebook newsfeed.

There are less crazy cat posts and more diverse thinking to open your mind up to.

Another of Twitter’s major benefits is the openness to brands and businesses.

By working on your profile and being social you can develop interest in what it is you do without necessarily interrupting others, one of the cardinal no-no’s in social media (native advertising is the way around this, sometimes).

What I have learned from my own practice is this:

  • You can develop interest from your profile, people will click through and see what it is you are doing, they can also read your previous tweets
  • You can use free lead generation cards for potential followers to simply fill in and leave contact details for you to follow up with.
  • You can make use of your profile real estate to promote what it is you do and to advise your alternative social media contact details.
  • Your Tweets are of course free.
  • You can on the flipside promote your Tweets and run paid advertising subject to your budget.

My overall advice to you is to jump on in.

It does take some doing.

You’ll definitely end up doing some self moderating/unfollows but overall it’s quite like a sea of humanity in all its guts and glory Tweeting up a storm.

And no two days are alike.

Kind of like real life actually.

I’ll be following this post up with another giving a breakdown on Twitter technical terms and information if you need help in that direction.

If you got value from Tweeting & Making sense of Twitter please like share or comment below.

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