What is the state of the blog

What is the state of the blog?  And it’s not a place, it’s a journey.

Blogging is everywhere.  We’re doing it.  It’s become ubiquitous.  If you disagree that’s fine.

Pundits and commentators i.e. non practitioners would have you and I believe that blogging is a dying art.

To the nay-sayers I say think again friends.

If you are desperately wondering how you will create success online via blogging read on.

Number one

First things first.  Be prepared to take action.  And loads of it.

This is a patience game, no one gets rich overnight.  Nobody.

If someone’s selling this and you buy it, they’re making you eat crow.  AND that sucks big time.

So take a look around you and start thinking about it this way.  Consider all the social media platforms to which you are a subscriber and all the posts you put up.

Wouldn’t you say that these were a kind of blogging?  Albeit that you don’t control the platform it is a record of sorts indicating what you are doing who you are with and how you are etc…It’s your secret sauce.

Something to mull over or chew the fat about with someone later…perhaps.

Get your blogging real estate

What is the state of the blog

You can apply this to creating your own channel/blog, by this I mean your own site controlled and administrated by you, where you build your brand.

I think having a personal blog is an essential tool to online success.

Because number one it’s your piece of internet real estate over which you hold 100% control.

It also acts as a source of traffic.

And is simple to set up and run.

My favourite thinking on why to run a personal blog; it’s the ultimate relationship maintainer.

You can if you like start with a page/blog on social media.

Bear in mind the rules can and do change so organic reach can mean you go from hero to zero performance depending on when and where you start.  Number one rule of thumb social is not content distribution unless you’re paying to play.

It’s all about perspective and moving where the attention is as one of my favourite online marketers tells it.  Appropriate to your space and intended audience of course.

And post natively.  In case you’re not sure what this means natively means posting within the platform not simply linking in.

That and being social; do try to remember to say hi to people and act friendly, people remember this stuff.

My blogging tips



#Work- your-brand








Playing to win blogging

With consistency it’s a matter of continuing.  The difference between those that succeed and not is continual improvement and keeping on.  So get posting/blogging and don’t stop.

Value.  So if you don’t understand what I mean by this it is providing insight and actionable content in your blog that helps your intended audience.

For what I mean by work your brand it’s this: let your audience know the value/unique selling proposition you bring to the table.  This is predicated on you not just talking but walking the way forward.

So outsource is when and where you can farm out work that isn’t making income.

Blogging is business means treat it like a practice so it can somewhere down the track reward your efforts.  Do it as frequently as you can.  This goes back to consistency.

Invest is about spending on upskilling, improving your business and getting coaching.  Forget the fruits of success you need to focus on the grind and what will exponentially grow business and move you along on the climb as you blog.

By learn and teach I mean be a practitioner in your niche and share what you learn from taking action.

I think patience would be a self-explanatory one but just in case; I mean don’t expect anything to change overnight, over a week, over a month…I think you can see where I’m going with this.  Keep being consistent take action by blogging, share value in the market place, work your brand, outsource as possible, invest in yourself and your business, learn and teach.  The results will come.

Laugh at yourself and in life.  There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying where you are at and who you are with.

Finally gratitude.  Be grateful for each new day and opportunity to take action.  Have gratitude for family and friends.  It’s about being grateful for this human experience.

All of this doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days.  There will be days where things suck.  That’s just life.  You can get over it by keeping on your path.  And most of all taking action. Blogging. It’s that simple.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

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