Social Media Success Secrets

Secrets to succeeding with Social Media for your niche

Are you looking to understand return on investment for Social Media?

Do you want to know how to build your brand and create increased awareness of your business?

Are you thinking why should I use Social Media to build my brand?

If you are looking for actionable strategies to build your brand in the market these are in the moment strategies currently being executed.

And it will produce traction for your content, so more eyeballs on the material means more potential customers seeing what you are offering.

As well as more virtual word of mouth referrals and personal advocacy of your business offer.

Read on for current thinking on the value and effectiveness of Social Media for increasing awareness of your business in any niche.

Social Media is considered off page SEO (search engine optimisation).

Though there are pundits that offer an opinion in opposition.

Executed the right way:

Practitioners are finding to the contrary that social action is creating more awareness and leads for their businesses.

To sum up it means that business or brand pages on Social Media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter for example, provide a kind of signpost to your site or actual business.

In my view, this is a win.

It’s a subtle shift in thinking.

And it’s about more than driving traffic.

Because you and I want qualified traffic rather than simple drive-bys.

Stuff to keep top of mind

Social media does not equal content distribution.

Unless you are paying to play and that is limited sauce unless you have an endless budget.

To understand the ROI or return on investment  for Social Media I like to think of it this way:

What’s the ROI on a skateboard?

Are you hard pressed to answer that?

For someone like Tony Hawke, the answer is priceless.

He is a master of his form and he has leveraged his skills as a skateboarder to create a lifestyle and businesses that fit around his passion for the sport very successfully.

Breaking that down a bit further you need to take note of the fact this is no overnight success.

Avoid interruption and act natively.

This means share your posts within the platform.

It also means posting stuff that has nothing to do with what you’re selling.

It might be something humorous, something entertaining, even something educational.

Another thing to keep top of mind is to be social.

Being social, so what you might say?

Well, saying hello, and being interested in what your friends and fans are about.

Think of Social Media as an opportunity to present your brand and be responsive.

And by this I am not saying respond to the trolls and naysayers endlessly.

Once you go down this rabbit-hole the time just doesn’t come back.

There’s a great quote Ray Higdon frequently shares:

Go where you are celebrated not tolerated.

Social Media Success Secrets

This really resonates with me and how I like to operate.

Do however use Social Media as your best chance to receive real-time feedback and as a place to solve issues as they arise.

So always provide a remedy to complaints and demonstrate responsiveness.

It shows you care and that you value customers and fans.

The flip side of this is there are some people out there that live for finding the bad and revel in complaining.

Their glass is always half empty, maybe it was never full to begin.

Genuine fans and customers will understand this.

Give your energy to these genuine customers and fans.

Spare yourself continuing to respond to folks who will just never be satisfied.

At least, that’s my thinking.

Some other advice:

Be nice.


You come off looking like an ass.

Entitlement behaviours are a sure fire way to shoot yourself in the foot.

So be personally responsible for how you are perceived and received in your niche.

The virtual party

So why join the online cocktail party on Social Media?

It’s an opportunity.

You can quickly and easily find out where intended fans/friends or potential customers hang out.

So the secret is for you go to the platforms where the attention of your intended demographic resides.

And you go there, hang out and find out how things work.

So you become a practitioner, not a pundit.

You can through testing and tweaking build a following and find qualified leads for your business niche, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, Meercat or Periscope, YouTube, Vine, Tumblr and or Medium.

Whatever the medium/platform of the day is for what you do and serves your niche best.

So you might find your niche lends itself more as a visual thing, so perhaps you might want to try Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Or maybe you are doing video blogs so maybe YouTube, Facebook and Meercat or Periscope might lend itself to your purpose.

Think outside the box, be lateral, creative and expansive with your mindset.

Then I suggest you need to be friendly and sociable.

Tune into communities and join the discussions.  Help people with their issues.

Celebrate their wins and empathise with their dilemmas.

This way you can build your credibility and become a trusted advisor.

These fans and friends can then become your advocates.

Amplifying your offer and what you sell.

While there are certainly metrics out there measuring likes or followers, I don’t believe these are an indicator of your impact.

They do indicate traffic.

But traffic is about width not depth meaning more tyre kickers does not add up to leads and sales.

So while there may be more customers coming past your virtual store window they aren’t coming in.

So how do you build trust? How will you become a trusted advisor?

My advice for you is by sharing valuable content, updates and answering questions on matters about which you are informed.

In other words it’s about you connecting with others and serving them.

So share with people in your community for mutual benefit.

Remember to give value before ever thinking to even try closing/asking for anything.

Your content

Whatever your niche and content form you need to put out ASE content  (actionable, salient and educational).

This is so you provide maximum impact and benefit for your fans and customers.

I think the premium way to impact your audience is through story telling.

It’s by telling stories that you will fix yourself into people’s memories.

And continue to do this.

You will have to do this many, many times over.

Which leads to my last pieces of advice.

Be patient.

You will need patience because good things take time.

Building awareness requires much effort on Social Media.

But you can get traction and build credibility.

It just takes time.

Also have or develop a thick skin.

Find out your communication style.

Summing it all up

Create sign posts to your website with Social Media.

Folks will migrate over to your site and check out what you have on offer.

Compared with sharing content views likes and followers are meaningless.

Because your content becomes amplified through distribution.

It’s the human element because it’s advocacy.

In the end, you will become a leader by listening, responding, telling your story, sharing your experiences, connecting people and allowing the magic of human interaction to unfold.

This is the beauty of Social Media.  It’s more than SEO because of the power of our human interactions.  That’s priceless.

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