Play Big

Play big.  Start as you mean to go on.

There’s a great quote that goes “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

This summarises the importance of aiming high and dreaming big.

You need to go after your greatest desires and pursue your biggest dreams.

In short it’s about aiming to realise your greatest potential with action.  And lots of it.

So what does play big mean for me?  And what will it mean to you?

When I say play big I mean be upfront about your goals and aspirations.  Especially about what it is you are trying to achieve.

It’s also about having conversations.  And having an opinion that you willingly share.

As well as consistently pursuing your aims and objectives.

The kinds of conversations I’m mean refer to what’s going on in your niche.

You can do this by being part of meaningful groups that share actual value and exchange views.

It can be an online/actual mastermind group or association where ever there is trade in ideas, sharing values and opportunities.

You could search out leaders in your niche as other means of being part of conversations.

Then you can grow your business through learning and sharing what you know.

For me, it’s all about blogging in the change and mindset space, online marketing, branding and business.

I am actively involved and part of communities interested in internet marketing, mindset, branding and business.

To sum up:

I take part.  Be me and enjoy learning new things and taking up challenges.

Get ready for the trolls

You have to be prepared not to please everyone.  If you are going out to please everyone and offend no one chances are you won’t get much traction.

When you choose to take a particular path not everyone will agree with your choices.  Some people will hate you.

Some will try to talk you out of your dreams.  Even try to trample on them.

And it doesn’t end there.  When you do make it some folks will talk badly about you.

In fact by succeeding you will bring a whole new level of dislike upon yourself.

These are not any reasons for you to be dissuaded from pursuing your goals and ambitions.

So when you set out on your chosen road to success it’s important to remain focused on the goals at hand.

Giving your time and energy to the mood vacuums, haters et al are the best ways to lose sight of the journey at hand.

Focus on who you want to become and where you are going.

If you choose to stop and attend to these people and fold because:

They tell you “you’re foolish” or “stupid”,  or that what you are doing is “BS”, then you will only succeed in defeating yourself.

So forget ‘em.

Playing big and going after your goals

And if you don’t have people doing any of this to you?

It could be you aren’t playing big enough.  Or you are well regarded within your circle of friends and associates and haven’t stepped out of this group’s realm.

People have their own baggage that you can’t account for.  So when they attack you personally it’s more than likely a reflection of themselves rather than anything you may be doing.

Play big anyway.


I’ve had people give me a hard time about my branding, my website.  I have even had my comments in social media about something I have read, seen or heard dismissed or derided.

Ridiculous but true.

I use it as fuel to remain focused and continue with my goals.

Being the go-to person

When you are trying to establish yourself as a leader/the go-to person in your niche remember it’s a two-way street of responsibility and privilege.

They are hand and glove together.

So you need to be nice.  Even in adverse circumstances.  It’s reflective of others own personal battles and what they haven’t done not you.

Being nice is a being thoughtful and constructive.

I can’t remember if I have said before but a kick in the pants means you’re ahead, for the days it’s difficult to bounce back.

It’s really important to think and act long term by working well with people.  Build relationships.

See what you can learn by listening without intention to what they are doing and hearing the value they are sharing.

Then communicating your perspective.

Because this is how you create relevance.  If you act strategically and make yourself memorable you will be hard to replicate.

Being in a niche is about being part of a community and participation.  You are part of an ecosystem that you support and supports you.  It’s symbiosis.

The art of success is about achieving the balance between responsibility and privilege.

Actively participating and helping other community members within your niche is what will differentiate you from the crowd.

So my key ideas here:

Keep in the forefront of your mind to be of service to others, don’t believe you are entitled.  Lead by example.

There will be tyre kickers and trolls, don’t feed them with your attention.  Ultimately they tend to burn in their own personal kinds of hell.

Be part of your community by adding value and playing big.

And be kind and generous.

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