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Thank you for stopping by my website.

I want to share with you a few personal things about me, what I love and the things I believe in.

First and foremost I am passionate about my son.

Then football (soccer), summer and anything to do with chocolate (I believe it’s a food group on its own).

You like me have probably done many things to earn extra money.

There have been wins and of course much learning.

And you, like me, probably enjoy being on the successful side of things and winning.

But whenever things don’t work I like to remember that these events are our greatest teachers.

So what is the most important thing to take from failure?

Never, never, never give up.

Keeping faith in your ability to succeed and continuing to take action is what will ensure that success.

I can tell you the difference between succeeding and not:


I call myself an incurable optimist.

Because each time I have failed I get back up and try again.

Are you an optimist?

I believe in what I do and the knowledge that I share.

I am self-aware with a life-long approach to learning.

My best qualities are my ability to talk to people from all walks of life and my mindset.

So how well do you know yourself?  Are you committed to continuous learning and education?

I know the most important aspect of success in whatever you do is having a positive outlook.

My mantra now is: I’ve decided to treat myself to a much needed break from adult cynicism and return to childlike wonder (adapted).

I know that the curiosity and tenacity of childhood are the traits that will see you move forward.

I need you to know there are no overnight get rich schemes

Anyone pitching you such an idea wants to make a quick buck and get away from you, fast.

My best advice to you is embrace change.

Because I know it is the only constant.

Are you positive about making change?

Because for you to succeed online you must become accustomed to change.


I am enthusiastic to share what I know about online marketing, SEO and the architecture of high conversion websites, as well as strategies for social media.

The internet is your golden opportunity to create a business from home, if you take the time to plan and execute strategies dedicatedly.

I will tell you it like it is, there are no easy routes or shortcuts.

There will be much grind, nights where you slap your forehead many times into the palm of your hand.

Measure your progress, not your bank balance and understand how to best serve your community.

I hope this is direct and clear to you, so there is no confusion.

IF you’ve got this far you might be ready to join me.

I won’t dress things up and make believe everything will be easy for you.

Being successful in online business is simple, it requires being dedicated and process oriented.

In other words applying and executing the strategies I will share with you, and being mentally tough enough to continue taking action everyday.

To find out if you could work with me message me at my Facebook page www.facebook/justinpacemlm .

I undertake to reply back to you within 48 hours personally.

I welcome your questions and look forward to your success.



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