Getting to why

Are you struggling getting to why?

By getting to why I mean do you have a purpose for why it is you do what you do.

Perhaps you’ve lost momentum.

Or you’ve fallen into a rut.

And now you feel as though giving up makes more sense.

A great place to start is to know why you started.

Know too what is the alternative.

You also need to bear in mind success is not an event.

It is a series of processes you build on each day.

Despite not wanting to do anything on some days I have a minimum volume of work I get through.

You will find this varies from person to person.

What I do daily versus what you do might be different but the important thing is how you hold yourself accountable.

A while ago I undertook a process I’m going to share with you that has helped me with getting to why.

It’s created signposts for me that highlight why I am doing what I do.

 50 reasons

It’s a simple listing exercise which I personally have found really useful.

You start by listing 50 reasons why you are doing what you do to build your business, career, interest to the next level.

Then you list 50 reasons why not following through will hurt, personally, professionally etc.

I recommend you take a broad approach to building both lists.

By this I mean create a wide scope look at your life and how you will benefit from following your goals/ambitions.

Identify all the reasons great and small then put them on your list.

Keep top of mind this list is for you to assist you with getting to why on days it seems out of sight.

It’s not for others to judge so what you come up with is not going to be graded, and go easy on yourself too.

Then do the same again as you look at how not pursuing your dream will hurt.

Hand write it, type it, or record it somehow.

However you create your list is unimportant, I think.

The point is you create/make a list that you can refer back to.

It becomes a kind of touchstone point to remind you of why you do what you do.

So whenever you need some motivating it’s there.

When I created my list I managed more than 50 reasons for each.

It’s become a powerful tool and I’m now grateful that I have done it.

Getting to why

Getting back to the notion of success.

I love this quote that says “success is a journey.”

You need to understand this well and know it intimately.

Because following your passions, and making dreams come true is a process.

I think of it as steps to mastery.

Look at it this way, you won’t master playing a piano without practice.

The practice is execution.

And from the execution of creating your dream will come mastery.

You might look at it as somewhat mundane even boring.

But by being disciplined you will find success and freedom.

When you take the time to make that list it will become an ever present resource in an arsenal of you will be thankful for.

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