Focus on strengths

I say why it’s easier to focus on strengths and to forget being well rounded.

Fixing personal faults could be the moving feast of the century.

I mean when would it ever end?  Who gets to decide?

And really what a waste of time.

“What is the point being well rounded?” I was thinking after reading a post.

Compare that sort of thinking to the quote below that I really like:

“Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of clear strengths.” –Jack Zenger

Hone strong suits vs. Fix faults

It used to be in the good ole days that people got told to fix their faults.

It was would you believe a personal growth hack.  To becoming a well-rounded person.

So I’m guessing a lot of people focused a lot of time. energy, and resources looking at the things they sucked at.

It’s like advocating someone might like to eat dung every day.

Um…thanks but no thanks.

So what would be the point being well rounded?  Overall nothing is my guess.

By contrast finding what you do well, then honing and polishing this would be extremely productive.


There are of course minor tweaks you or I could do to fix things that are changeable.

These are things I think of as coming from practicing self-awareness.

Like for example perhaps you want to become a better speaker.  Get a coach and practice.

In my world the things on which I focus grow bigger not smaller.

So for example I used to teach English as a second language.

I can’t vouch for when I started but the more I did it the better I became.  In fact I was one of the best performing in my company at the time.

Experience is a great teacher.  You learn to do things based on what you are shown and what you know or have learned.

I’m guessing I drew on my own inner kid wanting to learn.

Anyway the upshot is I learned to lead my classes in a way that made it exciting and the kids improved their language skills.

Great feedback lead to more opportunities for other work and greater variety within the role.

I jumped into doing more and more new things because I wanted to try them.

Going back to the well-rounded notion I think that if I had focused on my faults then the outcomes would not have been the same.

In fact I think they would have really sucked big time.

The experience would not be the great one I can recall to this day.

Suggestions for success

So the lesson in all this:

Focus on what you love and what you are good at.

Don’t be bothered about what you are not good at.

It will only open a chasm of doubt in your mind about what you do and why.

Which in the end is really pointless.

Hopefully that kind of thinking has died a natural death somewhere.

Because from my perspective that kind of practice could only result in you worrying unnecessarily about minor issues or perceived flaws that are really non-existent.

And creating greater problems and issues long term for yourself.

When you can instead win by focusing on what you are good at.

Focus on strengths

You can focus on strengths through self-awareness, meaning increasing your self-knowledge of your skills and preferences.

Learning your strengths will allow you to have a laser like focus on your talents and abilities.

And this concentration on what you do well will augur well for success personally and professionally.

To sum up, you and I, we all have weaknesses.

It’s important not to be blind-sided by these glaring ‘failures’.  Otherwise they can derail your life and purpose.

SO focus on what you do well, your strengths and you will succeed.  Greatly.

It also helps having self-awareness and not being deluded about what you do well versus what you do poorly.  But that’s another post.

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