Crush It!

I had to read Crush It! after The Thank you Economy because it had resonated so much with me.

Now having read it from cover to cover I believe it’s about thinking for yourself, having a continuing process and growing in your approach to business that and never believing one size fits all. 

As usual Gary V did not disappoint, please read on for my take on this blueprint for online business.

Vaynerchuk business philosophy 101

Crush It! Gary Vaynerchuk’s debut publication from 2009 is a short sharp read on his business marketing philosophy and how to be effective in the game now.

At 134 pages (plus two short addendums) it’s quick to digest.

Having said that there is such great value to be had here that it’s well worth re-reading a couple of times more for depth of understanding.

Fast forward to the present day and if you’re a frequent consumer of Vaynerchuk’s online content (read  here the #AskGaryVee show, keynotes and guest lectures) you will know how much he refers to lack of depth in the current market.

His definition of depth refers to self-directed learning and having awareness of people especially in your marketplace, doing your research and being an empathetic grateful person.

This is as opposed to believing you have all the answers in business. 

Keep in mind that up to the moment thinking is education is a life-long activity.

Crush It! The Essence

A comment on YouTube after an #AskGaryVee clip captured for me the essence of Crush It! (I watched The One Thing I Would Teach Everyone while I was in the middle of reading):

‘It means educate yourself and look at the level of awareness you have of your people and subject, investigate more and generate a sincere presence instead of considering yourself to be ‘ultimate’ – you can only generate better content if you are always getting better yourself.’ +Michael Gorman

The solution for entrepreneurs is a simple one in Gary Vaynerchuk’s world which is to work hard, be patient, aware and authentic.

With these elements in place you can tell your story and engage with the online world through social media.

One of the key takeaways to keep top of mind is: engagement in social media is not about distributing content.

This is even though we might all be in the media publishing business alongside our other trading activities in the online world.

Engagement refers to becoming part of the existing communities.  It’s kind of like getting to know your neighbours from my way of thinking.

In Crush It! social media is all about business no matter what corporate business et al would have you believe.

And it is through social media that anyone can engage in the art of storytelling.

Telling your story is the opportunity to build your brand in a very up front honest way.

Honesty online is all about being yourself and never faking it.

So after creating your content and selecting your platforms for sharing start being social in the online cocktail party that is social media.

This means joining communities and making connections with people.

Don’t pitch but ask questions and be interested in the people you meet.

Take interest in what they are doing and offering and see how you might be able to connect for something in the future.

Most of all it’s about listening and having patience and that overnight success is a myth.

Another must do is always deliver on your word.  Letting people down is a big no-no.

Crush It!

This is a great read for anyone starting out in online business right through to established entrepreneurs and businesses.

I think of it as business basics for the online entrepreneur and there are many gems of information contained within the pages.

Gary Vaynerchuk has provided a blueprint for business, ready for adapting to the needs of your business and niche.

Highly recommended by me.

Here’s a link to find Crush It! via Amazon.  Please note I will receive a small commission if you click and buy.

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