All Black Champions

The All Blacks will kick off at Twickenham 5 a.m. NZDT Sunday 1 November to begin their final 80 minutes. Winding up a six week long tournament.

On the other side of the world in the UK it will be Halloween or All Hallows Eve.

All Blacks winding-up to win?  Absolutely.

Call me a one eyed Kiwi.

I invite you.

All the years of planning and practice  since 2011 will culminate in how the team executes on 31 October 2015 against their arch rivals the Wallabies of Australia.

It has been a week fraught with tension as each side has sought to build a mental advantage for this final test in the Rugby World Cup.

Rugby championship mentality

I believe our team has the mindset of champions.

So too do our foes.

Whatever the Wallabies do they know our side comes out to do nothing less than dominate the game.

And our finishing ability is becoming the stuff of legends.

Opposition management and sports psychologists have advised our opponents including their coach Cheika not to call the team the All Blacks but rather New Zealand.

This is to remind themselves that they are the greatest sporting nation in the world and enjoy better standards of living than us across the ditch.

Albeit New Zealand appears to have somewhat of an advantage when it comes to rugby.

Funny that.

All Blacks coaches on the couches of New Zealand

In seeking this back to back championship the All Blacks have a hard road to run.

Differences of playing styles and game interpretation make the sport contentious at the best of times and a mine field for the couch commentator.

Of course we can see things the referees cannot, this is the nature of the couch.

Nudge, nudge, wink-wink.

No tour to the Northern Hemisphere is without its controversy.

This is generally down to the way the game is played there versus here.

The running flow of the game in New Zealand marks the style of our rugby play.

It’s been an evolution since the 70’s when former All Black Bryan Williams made the national side and toured South Africa during apartheid.

All Blacks Winding-up

For more details on the beauty of our national sport and how we produce so many great players click here to read this article from The Guardian.

In it are interviews with the laconic Graham Henry aka Ted among others, on why New Zealand continues to enjoy dominance in the professional rugby era.

As they approach the final match I think the All Blacks team and management can be proud of the tournament they have played.

Rugby is a gruelling sport at the best of times.

The modern game has evolved into a something that would make even a gladiator tremble in his boots.

I read this article detailing All Blacks stats from the amateur through to the modern game.

It makes startling reading.

Then consider this:

These games in the modern professional setting make up just part of the physical and mental endurance these players must develop to succeed with Super Rugby commitments also.

This speaks to me of excellence.

This team sets out to dominate.

And they do.

I look forward to a tough game of rugby from early Sunday morning in New Zealand.

I will be cheering with my country men and women.

As our national side pulls out all the stops in their endeavour to win back to back championships, and bring home the William Webb-Ellis trophy to our shores again.

Go the Mighty All Blacks.

You make us proud boys!

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